Up-to-date laboratory equipment

The productive work of modern laboratories: medical, pharmaceutical and others depends on the quality of laboratory equipment. It should fulfill all tasks, remaining accurate and compact. Using the newest technologies in the process of its production is a must. Our company is one of the most famous manufacturers of hi-tech equipment in Europe. We also deliver our facilities to Asia and other regions where modern fume hoods, biosafety cabinets and other devices are needed.

Laboratory equipment safety is our main principle of work. Both personnel and products should be protected in case of work with harmful substances, bacteria and viruses. It is especially important if extremely dangerous conditions take place, for example, Ebola virus.

Modern science has a great hope to fight cancer cells, and solve this without damaging healthy tissue, thanks to biology. Active components have appropriate molecular parameters, so it is possible to destroy them systematically. A large number of pharmaceutical facilities are indispensable, and we deliver them at reasonable price, suggesting after-sales service.