Laboratory fume hoods

Conditions in chemical laboratories are often severe and there are some substances here, that are dangerous for the staff. Protection of people is an important task. Many scientists and engineers work under it. Our company suggests one of the best constructive solutions — a laboratory fume hood.

This facility carries away toxic substances, fumes, etc. Their presence at the work area guarantees personnel safety. We can deliver effective hoods, not very expensive and corresponding all needs in your chemical lab. Chemistry laboratory hoods combine three important factors, such as protection and  safety, also reliability. A sufficient level of efficiency is suggested either. And this principle is about all our devices and facilities.

Fume hood airflow can pull all hazardous toxins. In fact, it is the main parameter of device, concentration of such chemicals, and for different spheres there are different levels. Fume hoods are usually fixed to cabinets; it is a real opportunity to avoid harmful vapors through parts of them. The absence of harmful gases is a must, and it does not matter how long the staff works here. Especially it is important in cases of air volume which is not enough for all personnel in the chemical laboratory.

You need to understand the reasons why fume hoods are important. Properly made and operated device can reduce exposure of hazardous fumes and vapors. It also protects from dusts, confining harmful airborne materials, by means of diluting them with a large amount of air. Chemicals in gaseous condition enter directly to one’s blood. These small particles accumulate in the alveolar part of lungs.

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