Laminar airflow chambers

Our company produces and delivers such hi-tech products as laminar airflow chamber. Great experience in this sphere for 18 years allows us to suggest facilities of the best prices. That is why even foreign companies order them and recommend them to colleagues.

Laminar airflow in our facilities can have horizontal and vertical directions. Each type has its own advantages. Operators who work with such equipment need to be familiar with two constructions and their parameters. Horizontal laminar flow travels from the rear of the hood. The finish of its movement is at the front opening. But it can not encounter large obstructions in the hood itself. Eventually the personnel performing the work is aware about all mode and possible values. In case of annoying substances (soldering fumes, fine powders) they can be blown in the operator direction, posing healthy risks. So vertical flow is better in such situations.

Vertical flow hoods are not very deep, so less space in the laboratories is needed for them. They are good for sterile products and allow secure work without blowing of air to operator’s face.

Horizontal flow hoods decrease turbulence of air, striking work surface. The absence of sash allows easy work and position equipment. Hands and gloves are usually less contaminating because they are downstream of the specimens. But samples of a big size obstruct laminar air flows.