Sterile storage cabinet

The purity of uniforms such as coats, shoe covers and overalls, in fact, all types of protective elements, must be clean. Strict requirements relating to their conditions must be fulfilled.  Sterile storage cabinets are applied in various spheres, near is a short list of them:

  1. mechanical production,
  2. electronics,
  3. electrical equipment,
  4. optical devices,
  5. medical centers.

To improve the parameters of environment without bacteria and dust, the working chambers use HEPA-filters that help to make clean air flows passing in the downward direction.

Our equipment for sterile room storage conforms directive 1116 having appropriate design. There is another important advantage — monitoring and control of such parameters as humidity, pressure and temperature. It is made in the storage area.

Operating room storage is a must in pharmacology and other types of modern laboratories. One of the most popular products is mobile storage cart. They are adaptable to any room of the hospitals and healthcare centers. All facilities are mobile and suggest procedures in different versatile features, among them are standard and roll top door systems. Having design with flexible cell system and also glass doors, all carts work in the very effective way, storing surgical supplies and maintain clear item’s visibility. These mobile solutions for storage surgical instruments offer flexible options of interior design. This allows satisfying all important needs for multiple areas and also provides adaptation for new workflows.

Another popular model is powder coated metal cart. The size is negotiable with a customer, it depends on his needs. It includes 36-cell system for storing surgical instruments and it is very comfortable for the modern hospitals.